Academic Refereed Journals

“Monetary policy and risk taking”, with E. Faia and M. Lo Duca, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 52(C), 2015. “Input-Output-based measures of systemic importance”, with I. Aldasoro, Quantitative Finance. 2014 “Exit strategies”, with E. Faia and R. Winkler, European Economic Review, vol. 70(C), 2014;  “Capital regulation and monetary policy with fragile banks”, with … Continue reading “Academic Refereed Journals”


“Global Currencies for Tomorrow: A European Perspective”, with J. Pisani-Ferry et al., Bruegel Blueprint series 13, 2011 (supported by an EU Commission grant)  “Monetary policy transmission in the euro area”, ed. with Benoît Mojon and Anil Kashyap, Cambridge University Press, 2003 “Background studies for the ECB’s evaluation of its monetary policy strategy”, ed. with O. … Continue reading “Books”

Book Chapters

“Macro-prudential policy to contain systemic risk”; in The SSM at 1, ed. by J. Ulbrich, C.-C. Hedrich and M. Balling; SUERF, 2016 “Competition and state aid rules in the times of banking union”; in Financial Regulation, a Transatlantic Perspective, ed. by E. Faia, A. Hacketal, M. Haliassos and K. Langenbucher; Cambridge University Press, 2015 “European … Continue reading “Book Chapters”

Working Papers and Occasional Papers

“Input-Output based measures of banks’ systemic importance”; 2014 (publication in progress) “A European approach to prudential policy”, Occasional paper, Central Banking, 2013 “Verso un’autoritá di vigilanza per l’area dell’euro”, Working Paper, Federazione delle Banche, della Assicurazioni e della Finanza, 2013 “The G20: characters in search of an author”, with Jean Pisani-Ferry, Bruegel Working paper 714 … Continue reading “Working Papers and Occasional Papers”